Welcome to the Cinema- here are some films to help illustrate ruMAD2? as well as to inspire.

Professional film using ruMAD2? process with a Year 6 class in the North East with teacher Claire Redpath.

British Sculptor and musician, Lisa Delarny talks about her work and what difference she wants to make. 

Writer, Ellen Phethean explains what is important to her about writing, love and communication.

Kate has been helping to uplift women's spirits with singing at Uplifted, Ovingham for twenty years.

Jane, a volunteer at Gibside Community Farm, talks about the vision for the project, what's important to her and what difference they are trying to make.

We tried the ruMAD2? questioning process with Reception children at Walkergate Primary School to see how easy it was to incorporate the leadership coaching questions into everyday classroom pedagogy.

Peter Chester has been helping to bring music to the North East for years through Orchestra North East- can you help too?

An early MAD idea in about 2013- a Peace Festival in Scotswood Nature Garden with people from Crossings World Music Charity and Scotswood Youth Strategy (Part 1).

Scotswood Youth Strategy and Crossings work together to put on a Peace Festival in Scotswood Nature Garden (Part 2).

Shelagh Revell wanted to raise money for Orchestra North East- she had a MAD idea of raising money by cycling with her double bass from Scarborough to Sage Gateshead!

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