Welcome to our Home! 'are you Making A Difference too?'

This is a North East archive of materials designed in 2009 to help raise future generations who can effect positive change. There's still content to be added, so keep watching! 

Whilst there's been great feedback, the materials have not been formally evaluated and recognise there are many ways to influence young people.

Imagine that all young people were empowered to 'Make A Difference' in the world?

In 2009, we imagined that all educators had the necessary communication and language, and questioning skills to coach young leaders in everyday lessons or lectures.

We dreamed that teachers could understood some language patterns and a 'user-led participatory approach' that would really help motivate the most disaffected children, raise standards AND have fun with the arts.

We wanted to help teachers turn the dreams of young people into reality, and in turn model how to effect positive change in the world.

ruMAD2? is a set of three key coaching tools designed to help unlock potential to help people:-

  • make changes in the lives for themselves and others, coaching Leadership Capacity, 
  • 'get on at someone's else's bus stop' and really engage with them (Language and Behaviour Profiling- (Shelle Rose Charvet), building Social Capacity,
  • aspire, keep positive and resilient, to achieve success, building Psychological Capacity.

Study the map below:-

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