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Helen Walker, as co-producer of the ruMAD2? materials is a fully qualified UK specialist and trainer in the content of these materials. They were made with Elaine Drainville, former lecturer in film and media at Sunderland University. Elaine is in the process of evaluating the materials through a PH.D.

As an ex-Ofsted Inspector, Helen recently discovered that the ISI (independent Schools) Framework for Inspection, require young people to develop 'leadership skills', and be 'leaders of their own learning.'

There is no such requirement for state school children in the Ofsted Framework, other than to volunteer, be a good citizen with British values.

Don't we need millions of 'Martin Luther Kings' or 'Nelson Mandelas' to make the world a better place, and to reduce racism, poverty and war? Most of our leading politicians were privately educated. 

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