For Schools- Alberta Williams King is possibly the most famous mother in the world who raised a child, Martin Luther King, who grew up believing he could effect change in the world.

Just imagine if all children in all schools were given the skills to make a difference in the world to end racism, poverty and war, with the help of ALL of our teachers, families and communities? 

See below for the musical narration 'Alberta's Dream: Building Walls (not walls)'.

Schools can book our musical narration for assemblies, of 'Alberta's Dream: Building Foundations of Love (not walls), written for Freedom City 2017.

It is suitable for KS3/4 GCSE History, Social, Ethical Studies, Citizenship activities, Arts Weeks, Jazz Music composition projects AND lasts 45 minutes, with an opportunity for follow up workshop.

The performance stimulates follow up about race, civil rights movement in America, feminism, citizenship, activism, leadership, religion and belief, resilience, ‘making a difference’ in the world, and overcoming fear with love, linking with current events such as Brexit and Windrush.

Alberta Williams King was the church organist and founder of the church women’s committee. Tragically, in 1974, six years after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Alberta was shot in her own church at the organ.

The scene takes place in Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where the life of Alberta, mother of Dr. King is celebrated along with the power of women, families and their communities in making a difference with global struggles around the world. In particular, her role as mother giving a solid foundation of hope, and love over fear, is a key message, enabling her children to make a difference in the world.

Andrea C Harris, jazz/blues singer as Alberta, tells her own story helping her to find her voice to tell her own story. Songs are performed by I- Sister, an all female jazz group, featuring Andrea and Lisa Delarny, song writer and guitarist, with Helen Walker on jazz trumpet. Prices from £250, further details from 0775 172 3806 and